Tips for Establishing Healthy and Productive Home Office Spaces

Have you just landed your dream job working from home? No doubt you are thrilled at the prospect of forgoing the daily commute and bowing out of the office political drama. Working from home has tremendous advantages but it also presents its own set of challenges. Follow these recommendations from the human resources professionals to ensure your home based position is launched for success.

Define an area in your home for your home office. Ideally, it will be a separate room.  If you have a spare bedroom that can double as an office, this is ideal. Procure a large table or desk that can accommodate all of your workplace needs.  Task lighting as well as overhead lighting is equally important. One of the most important components of a healthy and productive home office is a quality desk chair. It should be the right height and size for your stature. If your job requires that you remain sitting the majority of the day, follow the 30-3-30 rule. Every thirty minutes, stand and stretch for thirty seconds and allow your eyes to travel at least thirty feet away.  If possible, place your desk facing a window for natural light and as relief for your eyes.

If you are supplying your own laptop to perform your job responsibilities, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in an anti-virus software and firewall from the selections available from Newegg. It’s critical that you protect your work product and your company’s server while working on your own devices and peripherals. Finally, commit to beginning work each morning at approximately the same time. Finish up in the evening at a consistently reasonable hour. Work life balance is critical to maintain both a healthy and productive work from home position. Following these recommendations will ensure your work from home position is launched for success. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor.